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Basic Baseball Coaching for Kids

Why should we let kids play baseball?

The popularity of baseball is undeniable, especially in US, where it is actually known as American pastime. Hence, many kids have had a chance to try baseball since the early age. It is in fact very good to them, because baseball is a team sport, which helps them make friends and know how to work well with others.

Also, playing baseball at the early age does not mean kids will pursue it as a career in the future. It can be just a fun game that helps them relaxed after class, not to mention its great health benefits to their body and their mind. A variety of skills required in baseball are very useful for playing other sports, too.

The archive - 6-Baseball coach -Basic baseball coaching for kids
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However, kids can be injured during the baseball gameplay, so they may need supervision from parents or other people. Baseball coaching is also necessary for them to learn how to play the sport. Because kids’ body structure is different from adults’, parents should buy suitable equipment for them, such as youth baseballs, gloves, bases and especially bats. Fortunately, best baseball bats for youth along with other things can be easily found on the Internet or sport stores.

Basic baseball coaching tips for kids by age (under 12 years old)

4 to 5 years old

  • You should just let kids play tee ball and consider it as a fun and simple activity.
  • Kids are actually learning and getting used to the game, so there is no need to pressurize them about all the winning and losing things. Just let them and yourself enjoy it.
  • Ensure that the kids have snacks and water, since they get hungry and thirsty very quickly at this age range.

6 to 7 years old

  • After tee ball time, you may look forward to something more challenging. Therefore, coaches’ pitch and machine pitch will be great options. These will be very good for kids to learn more about playing baseball.
  • Again, we should not put pressure on them about winning the game.

8 years old

  • Some people think that at this age, we should let kids play kid pitch. However, another year of coaches’ pitch and machine pitch could be fine.
  • Most kids at this age still do not feel pressure about performing, but it may start for some.

9 to 10 years old

  • A lot of things and improvements happen at this age range. Score is officially kept, kid pitch can be started, but still you should just keep it fun. Winning may be good, but kids’ development is way more important.
  • Depending on many factors, kids may not love baseball anymore. Some would like to stop playing the game, so parents and others should be more sensitive to notice their feelings.

11 to 12 years old

  • 11 to 12 year old kids are ready to enhance their playing abilities. During this age, their team skills will be improved notably.
  • At this age, kids and/or their parents may want to have more competition. Remember succeeding in competing means that the kids have to practice a lot more.
The archive - 6-Baseball coach -Basic baseball coaching for kids 2
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Overall advice

Everybody should remember that kids do not want to participate in any game, sport or activity if it is not fun and joyful. Winning and losing can mean a lot to parents, coaches or high school players but kids do not pay much attention to the results. In addition, emphasizing excessively on the results can be very harmful: by rewarding kids with candies or money for winning or getting a hit, people will put more pressure on the kids. What if a kid in a team does not get the reward when the rest of the team does? That kid can feel jealous or like he let his team down, which is definitely not good for his development.

Therefore, we should just keep it fun and focus more on how happy and excited the kids feel when they are playing baseball.

Finally, we hope that this baseball coaching article will be useful and you and your kids will have more fun playing this great game.

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