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Good Teammates - James Paxton

What Makes a Good Teammate?

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, a professional basketball player said: “One man can be a crucial ingredient on a team, but one man cannot make a team”. This saying has been quoted many times when mentioning teammate relationship in any kinds of sports. Why? Because it nailed to the point of any team sports. Baseball is a team sport, there’s no way it can be exception to this quote.

So, what makes a good teammate? Is it the talent which contributes most to the champion ship? Is it the skill which excels most members? Remember, one man can be crucial but he cannot make a team. So they are not the factors which make you a good teammate. Ask any kids who play any team sports what characteristics a teammate should have so that he/she can be a good teammate. I’m sure that they can answer more precisely and more truthfully than us, adults.

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Adults usually think that talent and skills are more important for a teammate than his/her attitude and inner characteristics. But it is wrong. When talking about good teammates, those factors don’t matter at all. So what are? Let’s take a look and check some points below to see whether they can define a good teammate.

Good teammates trust and respect each other

Have you ever heard of bullying problems in a sport team? How is it that that team is a good team? And how is it that the ones who bully can be called good teammate?Respect and trust are the core of every relationships. When you’re part of a team, your relationship to each member isn’t just normal relationship. It is the bond of family. You practice with your teammate, go alongside them in a challenge, experience hard times together and so on. Therefore, the situations and conditions make you like brothers. And you know what happens to a family without trust and respect.

Good teammates put sakes of the team over their sakes

Team wins, you win. Team loses, you lose. There’s nothing more obvious. When joining a group, it’s time you decide to work for the sakes of all, not of yourselves. If you don’t like that, you can choose another individual sport. You even have to sacrifice your own ego or winning in order for the team to win. Happiness of the team is happiness of all. Happiness of yourself may be just your own happiness.

Good teammates help and encourage each other

When hard times come, it’s you who encourage each other to keep moving. Why? Each member in the team is important, one member down can make a whole team weak. Therefore, pulling each other up is duty of each member in the team. Even when you compete each other for a position, let’s compete fairly and go forward together.

Good teammates realize everybody has their positions and they shine

Good teammates never under estimate their teammates’ position. Without those roles, they can’t shine, they can’t win as a team. Everybody shines in a team.

Above are some traits of a good teammate. Are they hard? Yes they are since everybody has their own selfishness. But, when you join a team, it’s time you practice to put that selfishness and ego aside.

Good Teammates - James Paxton
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Some rare people are born to be good teammates. You can say that they’re good with people, they’re helpful, inspiring, humble, humorous, et cetera. They have anything that make you love a teammate and attract you to them. They are talents that many professional baseball seek.

Well, a good teammate can be naturally born. If we are not natural good teammates, practice to be one then. Why? Because they are team characteristics we must have just like we have to have excellent technical skills.

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