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How to be a Good Coach in Baseball

What makes a good baseball coach? It is a quite debatable question without absolute answers. It is like depicting your leaders who lead you in a project or at a company. Or, a teacher who you really like. You’ll be both, teacher and leader if you are a baseball coach. A baseball coach must teach and must lead due to characteristics of baseball as a sport. We can say that main duties of baseball coach is teaching players to perform better and leading the whole team to the championship or the best plays.

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Each baseball coach has his own characteristics. Are you a strict coach or a funny coach? An understanding coach or the ones who make people do what you tell because you think it’s good? People personalities vary and so do baseball coaches. Despite various characteristics and ego, a coach has his duties to follow, missions to complete. He must be good in order to do that. We usually ask others and ourselves how to be a good teacher? How to be a good leader? It’s time we have to ask, how to be a good coach in baseball?

Experience and Knowledge

Knowledge and experience cannot be separated in a baseball coach. They are must-have factors of a baseball coach as well as of other sport coach. Knowledge is one thing to make sure you know what to do but experience is one thing you make sure your knowledge work efficiently.

An experienced coach can:

  • Know a player strong points and weak points. Then, he will have methods for that player to develop his talents or reduces his weak points.
  • Know which player suits which role. Have methods to develop each player in each position.
  • Observe the game and change strategies when things don’t go smoothly or for better performance of players.
  • Design practicing strategies and schedules for the coming games.
  • Create organized signals in team for better instruction during games.
  • Invent some tricks and exploit opponents’ weakness.
  • Choice the best baseball equipments: baseball bat reviews, baseball glove reviews, baseball cleats reviews,…

In short, experience and knowledge of a baseball coach is a mean to figure out how to win, from training players to strategies in competition.

Traits of a good baseball coach

However, it is obvious that experience and knowledge alone can’t make a good baseball coach. Coaching is to working people. And, working people needs special traits as people have emotions and personal characteristics. A baseball coach can be whoever he wants but some traits are necessary for him to be a good baseball coach.

The archive - Baseball coach -Good baseball coach 3
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  • Passion (enthusiasm): Passion is an indispensable factor in sports. It can be big or small but there’s no way we can perform sport without passion and interest. Why? Because it is challenging and competitive. It needs tremendous focus and practicing. A passionate coach is always good at his job one way or another. Moreover, he can encourage and transfer his passion to the players so that they can activate the best of their talents and skills. It can’t be denied that passion is a core and strong push in sports as well as in other aspect of life.
  • Concern to one psychology: A coach needs to care for his players just like a teacher to students. Not just concern only about the players’ performance but also about his psychology. A player with mental health problems are as well to be on disabled list since they can no longer perform well. Therefore, paying attention to each player’s mental states to prevent later serious and severe outcome is always better.
  • Neutralize relationships in team: A group of people who work together always have problems in relationship. A baseball coach must be fair and act as mediator to settle dispute and make people work well together. A coach should also notice bullying and violent signs. An organized team with people who respect and trust each other is a strong team.
  • Listening: Open to listening is always good since it makes people to speak their thinking so that we can prevent regretful outcome. For instance, we can know in time that one player is being bullied or show signs of doubts and unstable states.
  • Being calm and embrace the game: Baseball as well as life is crazy. No matter how we plan or prepare, chaos and unexpected incidents often happen. Losing results are always right before our eyes. Therefore, a baseball coach must remember, winning is mostly everything but not everything. The important things are the players are passionate, hard-working and have chances to perform up to their potential. Keep the players that way and embrace the games with them even when losing.

Coaching in baseball is an art. You work with people, lead people to challenge every day and every game seasons. With baseball players at that time, baseball is their life. And with a baseball coach, life is his team, his players and the next games. Therefore, a good coach in baseball not only have experience to lead the team to championship but also have traits and characteristics which can make baseball passionate and wonderful with him and with his players.


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