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How to Clean Boxing Gloves

Unlike other sports, boxing is considered the signature sport for men. It enhances the manliness in both physical and mental way. The way you practice boxing determine your personal characteristics as well as build up your mental and physical strength. However, a man doesn’t just need to know how to throw a punch but also has to learn how to take care of his equipment starting from the stages to clean boxing gloves – the most crucial equipment for any boxer. In this article, I will show you some basic steps to maintain your pair of boxing gloves in the best condition.

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1 Clean boxing gloves – basic preparations and cleaning steps

In this part, you have to follow some steps carefully so as not to damage the gloves both inside and outside:

Pull your boxing gloves out of your gym bag right away

Many people might forget this but the longer you put your gloves into the bag, with the proper humid and temperature, the bacteria inside your gloves can be fed and flourish quickly. That’s the reason why sometimes when you forget to clean your equipment, there are bad odors appearing. The air flow is very important because it helps the gloves drier and remove the bad smell and sweat. So the best thing you can do is that remove the gloves out of your bag whenever you don’t have to carry them to the training ground for better smell and durability.

Wipe the gloves carefully

You should prepare a piece of soft cloth or a towel. They are friendly with leather and above all, they can suck out all the humid and sweat inside your gloves. Now wrap the towel around your hand and begin to wipe your boxing gloves carefully inside out until you can see them shine and the inside is dry.

Clean the boxing gloves from the inside

Now after you have finished dry wiping, you are going to need some vinegar and water. Mix them together with 1:1 ratio and spray them inside your gloves. The actual effect of this step is to kill all the bacterial inside the boxing gloves and remove the bad odors as well. If you don’t have vinegar in your kitchen, you shouldn’t use the Febreze either because it doesn’t take any real effects on your gloves. Try to get the vinegar and some tea oil if possible.

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Don’t forget the outside

Continue to use the mixture to spray a little bit on the outside of your gloves. Make sure that you spray enough to cover each and every corners. Now it’s them to wipe them using another towel to remove any traces of dirt or sweat from your boxing gloves.

Gloves conditioning

Although the steps for cleaning is fine after you wipe all the mixture out. You can have some reconditioning for the gloves to make sure the leather – gloves material is in the good shape. The leather can be dried out easily if you don’t know how to keep them in good condition. Nowadays, looking for a bottle of leather conditioner liquid is not too hard. You can find it in any sport centers or local stores. Or if you don’t want to waste too much money on that. You can totally make some conditioning liquid out of natural ingredients from your kitchen like lemon or vinegar.

2 Some ways to dry your boxing gloves

Cleaning is not enough! You need to dry your pair of gloves for the best condition and bacteria kill. Never under estimate this step because it can save you from being affected by dirt or odors from the gloves both inside and outside.

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Air dry after you clean boxing gloves:

This is one of the most effective ways you need to do after cleaning and sanitizing the gloves. It makes sure the proper moisture inside your boxing gloves as well as dry all the remaining vinegar and water away.

Stuff the newspaper inside the gloves

Newspaper can be found anywhere so if you can find some, roll them into balls and put inside the gloves neatly. This is not only the way to suck all the water out but also the way to keep your gloves in its original shape.

Keep the gloves away from the sun

The sunlight is the enemy of the leather so you should avoid direct sun and heat to the gloves. Because it can damage them like to the human skin.

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So you have known all the steps needed to clean the boxing gloves. It can also be applied to renew the products that are not used for years. With this, you can maintain the best condition for your equipment and avoid having to buy them over and over. A good pair of boxing gloves is like a sharp weapon to any player to escalate the ladder of success. Good luck and have fun practicing boxing!



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