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Baseball Glove Repair for Beginners

There are many things about equipment you need to know about in a sport – especially baseball. You should know how to choose the most suitable one for your body size, how to use them correctly and how to maintain their best condition. In baseball, the most important playing tools are bats and gloves. They are the essential sport equipment for this sport. However, the glove is quite difficult to repair if there are some unwanted problems with it.

In this post, I will show you some steps in basic baseball glove repair so that you can try to solve the problems at home and save money for a rainy day, or invest in better equipment.

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You might know that though baseball is a popular sport, the equipment used in this sport is quite expensive and harder to repair in encountering any problems. The problems can be quite simple to solve by yourself such as lace snapping or some scratches, or some serious ones caused by severe physical damages when playing. Below are simple stages for you to get rid of the most simple and easy problem – glove lace snapping:

  • Needed tools and supplies to replace the laces
  • Detailed instructions for beginners
  • Glove web replacing

1 What You Should Prepare To Replace Laces

You just need a short amount of time to re – lace a glove if you know exactly what to do. Maybe the first time would be very complicated to you because some of the laces can’t be placed if you don’t know how. But don’t worry, it depends on how you are keen on learning and practicing several times. Some of these tools are must – have in order to re–lace the baseball glove:

Glove laces – you should choose the proper length and number. For a regular glove, you should prepare 72 – inch –lace to replace and at least 3 to 4 of it. In some cases, especially first time trying, you should prepare more than 4 in case of making it wrong. For other types such as 1st basemen’s glove or catcher’s glove, you will need more because of the size and the structure. In my opinion, you should have at least 6 laces.

  • Needle to fix and re – lace
  • Conditioner
  • Scissors or knife if possible

2 Baseball Glove Re–Lace Step–By–Step

This guide is for people who haven’t done this before. I suggest you should take a look at this guide and have some tries before applying in your own baseball glove:

Before removing the damaged area, you should take a picture or have a quick drawing of the diagram of it so that you can feel free to proceed your repairing. The most common problem for beginners is that sometimes they don’t remember the order of laces and mess things up. Taking pictures in different angles provides you some good looks to remind you about the progress and the orders.
After removing all the old laces, try to use the conditioner on the damaged area so that it could be easier for you to re – lace not only for the spoilt area but also the whole glove.

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Rubbing some conditioner on new laces the make sure it is leathery enough and easier to go through holes. In fact, you should put a little amount of conditioner on your finger so as to hold the laces firmly.

It’s time to start lacing. You should begin with the toughest part – near your palm. Make sure to re – lace the glove when the smooth side is exposed. You should begin from the pinky finger then continue to the following ones and complete with the palm area. It’s quite difficult at the beginning because you don’t know how tough the glove could be and how you want your laces to be needled through. That’s the reason why you need more practices before mastering this step.

At the end of the process, make sure to knot the end of your lace so as to prevent any loosen strings, then do some more conditioning and repositioning.


That’s the steps you should know to repair your glove when needed. The damages are unavoidable but if you know how to fix them, you can surely make use of your equipment effectively and maybe save some money for a better one. Baseball glove repair is not as hard as you think, you just need to be patient and follow the instructions carefully. Have fun playing baseball!

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