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Baseball Coaching Mistakes and Avoid Them

We all have mistakes or make mistakes. But, it doesn’t mean that we’re gonna let those mistakes happen. There are many ways to avoid mistakes. For instance, you can avoid mistakes because you’ve been there. You can even guess a mistake is gonna happen base on your experience or someone tell you about theirs for you to know before hand.

If anyone can have mistakes then pro baseball coaches as well as youth baseball coaches can too. Youth baseball coaches make more mistakes than major league baseball coaches though. You can yourself guess the reasons. Therefore, most avoiding mistake tips you read is for youth baseball coaches.

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In fact, mistakes which one can make vary from situation to situation, person to person. There’s no way we can make an absolute complete guide or tips on that, especially mistakes relate to technical skills. However, we have some basic mistake traits to prevent future or further mistakes. It’s like when you practice to be careful with your words, you’ll reduce chances of slipping words. So, let’s take a look at some basic baseball coaching mistakes and avoid them.

We can divide those mistakes into two categories.

Mistakes in training

Well, number of ways of training is as many as number of baseball coaches. There’s no absolute guide of how to train baseball players. Each baseball player proudly has their own training programs and methods for their players. As a result, mistake to this coach but secret to success with another coach is nothing unusual.

However, some basic mistakes should be noticed in order to make the best of players as well as utilizing training time:

  • Spare time: There’s a time that baseball coaches tend to focus on practicing one player or a group of specific players that they forget the rest. Except you need them to watch for their own good then it’s pointless to let time waste like that. Let everybody have work to do.
  • Rotating positions: Even though baseball is team game but its positions are quite separate. One player play for this position does not often change or can change to another position. For instance, you can’t imagine pitcher do fielding or outfielder do batting. Each position needs hard work to master so it’s not easy to perform in a specific position if you’re not trained for that position. Letting every players expose to every defense position is just an excuse. Imagine members in a band rotate their positions and you’ll understand.
  • Slide: Forget to train sliding or let players practice sliding frequently. You know sliding is helpful a lot in a real game. Moreover, if sliding isn’t practiced properly, it’ll cause mild to serious injuries.
  • Safety ignoring:Wearing helmet, baseball suit and any following required accessories is not enough. Beside from common safety requirement, a baseball coach must pay attention to each player physical limitation and features. Practicing hard is good and it speeds strength, endurance as well as techniques. But, if the practice reaches beyond a player physical limitation, collapsing and injuries are inevitable. Additionally, with some techniques or motions, this player can do it with no problems but another player might not. Finally, remember, safety rules must be allowed strictly even everybody takes some rules lightly.
  • Using to many signs: Each baseball coach always creates codes within the team for instruction during games. Remember that too many signs are not good. It’ll easily confuse the players. So, reduce the signs as least as possible even you love secret codes or signs.
  • Action speaks louder than voice: Showing works better than describing. Show the players what to do. Verbal description is not as good as showing. Don’t get mad when players don’t understand you without you taking in action because words don’t help much.
  • Self-improve: Learn tips and experience from other coach and combine with yours then produce your best methods and programs for players. Biased knowledge and opinions are no good.
baseball v oregon -Baseball coaching
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Mistakes in leading and managing

Aside from mistakes to avoid in training baseball players, you also have to deal with mistakes in leading and managing since you’re a coach who lead a team. Your personal ego is your own. No one is going to tell you to chang your personality in order to be a great coach without making any mistakes. Between strict coach and fun coach, there’s no way to tell who is better. However, baseball coaches need to pay attention to some common mistakes in leading and managing below and avoid them at all cost:

  • Winning is not everything: Baseball is competitive and challenging but remember, winning is not everything. Losing might be bitter but sport spirit is not all about winning. If you had a team whose players trust and respect each other and they can play up to their potential, what else would you wish for? Winning needs some factors which we can’t control such as luck. So, embrace the games when all of you has been working hard.
  • Not being serious and passionate: You’re coaching a team with no chance of winning a game or no future in baseball career doesn’t mean you have your permit to slack off or not serious about training. If players still play and practice, then you’ll have to seriously lead them. It’s your duty after all. You are a teacher after all. Maybe, life will surprise you.
  • Emotionally choosing positions: It’s not good you choose positions base on relationship or your preferences but not on skills. It is the start of going the wrong turn in coaching.
  • Criticizing: Don’t let being a strict coach being your excuse. Criticizing usually include prejudice and biased opinions which are not based on the facts. It can break players’ confidence or lose their respect to you. Either way is not good. Don’t let your ego take hold and destroy things.
  • Ignoring internal problems of the team: There are always problems in a team since a team has in it human connection and relationship. Ignoring it just make things worse. Your team won’t be perform up to its potential. Moreover, it’s not a thing coach can let go since coaching a team to championship needs organizing and neutralizing.
  • Ignoring psychology factors: Baseball players are human and they have their own psychology problems. Pay attention to each player psychology can prevent serious outcome as well as maintain the team’s performance. Psychology nowadays can’t be ignored anymore. A player includes physical body and mind. Taking care of baseball players’ minds is as important as taking of their bodies and techniques. Unless you want your team to lose talents.

Those are baseball coaching mistakes. They’re not new but they keep being mistakes. So, keep them in mind, baseball coaches for not meeting them again and again.

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